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Today we’re sharing our very first set of Together Casas and announcing our $2M pre-seed round led by Caffeinated Capital with participation from Homebrew, Form Capital, Balaji Srinivasan, Opendoor CEO Eric Wu, Snapchat’s Bobby Lo + Will Wu, David King, and many members of the Together community.

Our purpose

Throughout human history, physical community and the people part of it have been crucial to our existence. All of our interactions were with those we’d physically see. We didn’t have the ability to connect with people across the world, but we had our tribes. Today, it’s the inverse, we connect with people across the world, but no longer have real-life tribes. We don’t know our neighbors. We don’t meet new people. We struggle to coordinate with friends. We have our work colleagues and family (which is amazing), but that’s about it. Our relationships are now in a tap — not in a touch. Our purpose for building Together is to make our real-life communities relevant again.

The internet has created a remarkable opportunity for the world. We can find people that are just like us. People that have the same interests. People that have the same values. People that want the same things out of life. As a result, people have assimilated into millions of online communities, so we want to help them organize together in the real world. Our first step towards making this possible is helping people create a shared living experience.

The difficult part is spinning up one of these experiences. Organizers have to find a home, gather people, and create a 5-star experience. We provide value by handling these difficult logistics for organizers and interested guests. We’ll take care of things like payments, legal, bookings, sourcing guests + homes, house management, and any tedious details so you can focus on what’s important: community.

You may have already seen a community (e.g., Hype House, Crypto Castle). These houses aren’t groups of roommates. That’s just existing in a physical place with others. These people came together under a common purpose or vision of the world. The most exciting part? There is an exponentially increasing number of people doing this. People desire valuable relationships as part of their daily lives.

Join a casa 🏘️

Today, we have 7 houses that are all about to be live within the next week. Each is nearly full, but there are a few openings left. Send in an application!

The Garden

A casa of young women aimed at building lasting relationships in tech.

San Francisco, CA

Apply to The Garden →

The Edyfi Community

A group of curious, passionate, and purpose-driven young people.

5 casas available to join in Seattle, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Daly City, and New York City.

Apply to Edyfi →

The Together Casa

Want to become an organizer? Join us for an all-expenses-paid week in LA and we’ll show you ropes on how to become a great organizer.

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We’re hiring 👋

We can’t make this vision of the world come to fruition without the help of brilliant people.

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A special thank-you to the Maker Manor and MTN Compound crew 💜

You’re all the best.

  • Bobby Thakkar
  • Mars Hovasse
  • Joey Walsh
  • Jeff Christian
  • Spencer Christian
  • Rishab Hegde
  • Mariano Avila
  • Sebastian Paredes
  • Jack Jesinowski
  • Cordell Yee
  • Jason Pun
  • Vlad Lavish
  • Ken Bier
  • Leena Ahmadi
  • Justin Potts
  • Dalia Katan
  • Kai Zhang
  • Garrett Scott
  • Jacob Shamberger
  • Ibrahim Oyekan
  • Charles Hua
  • Edgar Pavlovsky
  • Barrett Williams
  • Mikaela Reyes
  • Nick Cruz
  • Eshita Nandini
  • Grace
  • Ami Yoshimura
  • Sarah Knapp
  • Sage Aidekman
  • Patricia Mou
  • Kunal Shah
  • Kirubha Perumalsamy
  • Nick Garfield

CEO @Together